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3 Crucial Steps Of Learning Spanish Language

It has always been noted that the easiest way of learning a language is to keep on speaking it and the most simple and fastest way to forget a language is to not speak it. So if you really want to master the Spanish language then you need to follow some basic tips about learning this foreign language –


Learn Spanish

Step 1:

You need to completely immerse yourself in this language. You should find a situation where you need to communicate with the other person in Spanish only. You have to keep the conversation running. It would really fine if you visit a Spanish country, either Spain or Latin American countries. You have socialize in a Spanish community where you won’t have any other language choice apart from speaking and listening in Spanish only. Yes, it might seem like throwing yourself in a deep end but at the end of day it is the best way to master this language. This particular type of situation is actually very effective for those with basic knowledge of Spanish language. Just think every baby born cannot speak any language but with time and repetition a baby learns the mother language. This is the way you will be able to learn Spanish language.


Step 2:

Another very effective way of learning Spanish language is listen TV and radio broadcast. You can subscribe to different Spanish channels online where you can easily learn how to speak fluently in this language with proper pronunciations. This is a very good way to learn this language in a quick manner.


Step 3:

You should find the resources in your library. For example you will easily find a Spanish learning text book in your local library and you should borrow this book for yourself. Go to the local DVD rental store and find if they have any Spanish DVD for rental. Just watch these DVDs and these movies come with English subtitles so you will be able to understand all the meanings.



These are the three different ways that will definitely help you to learn this language quickly.

This is the Best Time to Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish Online

Yes, this is the Best Time to Learn Spanish Online!

Learning a new language aside from a person’s native tongue is considered to be a gift. A person could be bilingual or multilingual. The late Pope John Paul II had the ability to speak at least five different languages.

English is the universal language. At times, in every field of business, education, and other forms of discipline, English is the common language used.

There are also other languages that people are interested in learning more. These languages include French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Spanish is the fourth most-spoken language in the world. The language originated from Spain. Spanish-ruled countries are also speaking this beautiful language. This includes Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and other South and Central American countries.

With this have in mind, you might be interested in learning to speak Spanish especially if you plan on visiting Spanish speaking countries whether for play or for work.

The easiest way to learn Spanish is through the internet. There are lots of free high-quality resources online.  For example, Wikipedia has a free Spanish course that you can see here. It’s just amazing. Lots of free high-quality content and follow-up exercises. Youtube is great and has a bazillion of cool Spanish channels. This is by far the funniest Spanish Youtube channel I found and no other channel is as original and cool. However, the creator posted only 4 videos and that’s it. He seems to have forgotten all about. There’s this one that is

There’s this one that is one of my favorites. It’s more on the serious side of life, more formal lessons, not nearly as much fun as the other channel but the guy has hundreds of videos and for the most part, they are very clear and very well explained with lots of exercises too. Of course you have many more too. Just type “learn Spanish live online” on Youtube or Google and you will find thousands of great websites with videos or with teachers too.  Before jumping into the Spanish session, you should know how to learn Spanish online the convenient way.

You should also determine your goals of learning the language in the first place. It could be for business purposes since there are Spanish CEO’s that you may converse with the language.

Another reason may be for travel purposes. If you are lost in a city overseas, that Spanish you have learned might prove to be a lifesaver.

If you decided to learn Spanish, simply search for Spanish lesson websites. There are websites that give you free sessions. Others will offer Spanish handbooks and programs for your own convenience.

The Funniest Spanish Channel Ever!

Learning Spanish: The Affective Factor

The biggest problem for most Americans who want to learn Spanish, but do not succeed is the emotional factor. In simple terms this means that emotional problems; ie adults panicked at the thought of making mistakes seems like too much to bear for them.

The Affective Factor in action!

I have been with many American expatriates and monolingual Canadians in Mexico who do not speak Spanish. Therefore, they are forced to live in different Gringolandias because they are too afraid to communicate in Spanish. They themselves see the problem as his “old age” or as a cantankerous old coot he said, “I have too bad a willingness to learn Spanish.”

Indeed, the fear of making a mistake is the issue here. If you attend a class or you are in place when it comes to producing something in oral language paralyzing fear may overwhelm you. You feel you have to act against others who can be really good in the language. This is too much for some people. They think to themselves that they will die of humiliation because they will have to speak Spanish in front of a cruel audience.

So, what should one do? First of all prepare before signing up for a class in the country or abroad.

One of the biggest myths in foreign language teaching is that going to the country where the language you want to learn to be spoken is the best way to learn Spanish.

Fact: appealing as it may sound, this “immersion” will be an extremely costly and time-consuming operation
For starters, it will not be true as Immersion Language Immersion defined along. If you go to the country where the language you want to learn is spoken, you will soon learn that classes are taught in the same way classes are taught in the United States only in the language of the host country.

You have the ability to ask even if you understand what is taught. Make your own preparation in the privacy of your own home until you have accumulated a level of confidence to produce language in front of a teacher and classmates.

Use  commercially available products on the market to learn some Spanish before launching into a situation in a class performance against others!

Is it possible to have Spanish immersion in a non Spanish speaking country? Find it out here!.  Struggling to say a word in Spanish! Find out why that may be happening here!