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What is the ideal way to live?

This blog started as a series of articles on hotels in Canada. However, in the last few years my interests have changed and more recently, the blog has narrowed to ask: what’s the best way to learn Spanish?

This pursuit has even led me to take on two year-long experiments in learning Spanish in a country in which English and French are the only two spoken languages. And the question I’ve been trying to answer was:
Is it even possible to master Spanish in a non-Spanish speaking country?

This blog is my chance to share my experience and ideas with you and to find out more about your own experience learning Spanish as a second language.

Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards

About Daniel Edwards


I am an entrepreneur with many different kinds of interests. From hotels (my main business) to writing, entrepreneurship, religion and philosophy, my interests include programming, travel, cooking and teaching myself Spanish and sharing my second language experience with others.

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